Streamlining the medication order process

Pyxis Connect medication order management system provides a unique solution to enhance communication and efficiency between pharmacy and nursing. The system simplifies order processing and review, creating more time for pharmacists, nurses and clinicians to focus their attention where it matters most-patient care.

  • Decreases order turnaround time
  • Decentralizes pharmacy operations so orders can be reviewed on the nursing floor or remote location(s)
  • Helps reduce medication errors and lost orders
  • Improves communication between pharmacy and nursing
  • Creates more time for pharmacy involvement in clinical care
  • Facilitate future information exchange through online storage and retrieval database
  • Provides extensive, real-time reporting capabilities for more efficient workflow management
  • Integrates with existing CPOE systems to help achieve Meaningful Use

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How it works

  • Medication orders are scanned from the patient care areas using the Pyxis Connect scan station or network scanners
  • Orders are transmitted to a central server via TCP/IP
  • Orders are reviewed by a pharmacist
  • Efficiency is improved with easy search capabilities, annotation and magnification tools to improve clarity and the ability to easily retrieve patient order histories
  • When used with the Pyxis MedStation system, medications are automatically made available in the patient care area
  • Actionable information is at your fingertips, with real time web-based reports

Pyxis Connect Brochure

The Pyxis® Connect system helps ensure that orders are efficiently entered for the right patients.

STAT order management

Figure 1.

Transcription Error Reduction

Figure 2.

Pyxis Connect helps ensure that orders are efficiently entered for the right patients.

Stat order management

Administer critical medications to patients faster with multiple options to communicate stat orders to Pharmacy. See Figure 1.

Right patient cross check

Help ensure medication orders are being approved for the right patient with a warning that displays if the patient information on the order does not match the patient information in the Pharmacy Information System (PIS). See Figure 2.

Transcription error reduction

Medication errors that normally occur during transcription are reduced through high resolution scanning technology and integration with the hospital's PIS to link medication orders to the right patient.

Bridging the Gap through CPOE integration

Meaningful Use White Paper

Learn more on how the Pyxis Connect medication order management system from CareFusion provides a unique solution to enhance communication, efficiency and care coordination between nursing and pharmacy.

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Cost Effective

Pyxis Connect is a cost-effective strategic solution whether a hospital is looking to gradually implement a CPOE system in the long term or in connection with other Meaningful Use guidelines. For hospitals that have existing CPOE systems, Pyxis Connect offers seamless integration with these systems.

Efficiency and patient safety

CPOE orders processed through Pyxis Connect workflow take advantage of the functionality and rich feature set that Pyxis Connect offers—improving efficiency and patient safety along the way. For hospitals struggling to fully implement a CPOE system or looking to adopt one in the future, Pyxis Connect provides immediate workflow and patient safety improvements, while planning for a CPOE system deployment is underway.

Pyxis Connect integrates smoothly into your hospital environment.

Leverage your existing investments in technology

Standardize workflow for Pharmacy by integrating Pyxis Connect with your hospital's CPOE and eMAR systems.*

Electronic orders from these systems will be sent directly into the Pyxis Connect Pharmacy queue.

*Some restrictions apply

Leverage your existing investments in Pyxis products

Keep Nursing informed with options to view medication order status from any Pyxis MedStation system using Pyxis Connect.

Streamline communication between Nursing and Pharmacy by empowering Nursing to send missing dose and order clarification requests directly from Pyxis NurseLink into the Pyxis Connect Pharmacy queue.

Leverage your existing investments in hardware

Configure network scanners to send orders into Pyxis Connect from any location within the hospital. Access to Pyxis Connect from desktops, laptops and the web can be tailored to create a system that supports your unique needs for multi-site coverage and decentralized order entry.

The Pyxis® Connect system offers advanced routing options to support decentralized order management.

Multi-site coverage

In a multi-facility hospital group, medication orders can be managed at each hospital or routed to a central Pharmacy for consolidated order review.

Order entry from the patient care area

Increase clinical participation from Pharmacy by routing orders to the patient care area where they can be reviewed on stationary, rolling or laptop computers.

Remote order entry

To support after hours coverage, orders can be routed to a laptop computer at an off-site location.

Pyxis Connect helps improve staff utilization and increase workflow efficiency.

Total Orders Processed

Shows the number and percentage of completed orders (routed out of queue) as well as average and median processing time (from queue start time to queue finish time), grouped by Pharmacist or scan location.

Total Cycle Time

Shows average, median, maximum and minimum time that orders spent in a queue (from workflow start time to complete); supports multi-hospital systems.

Orders Processed Histogram

Shows orders processed by facility and Pharmacist for a specific date range and priority within a 24-hour time frame; supports multi-hospital systems.

Pyxis Connect reports provide you with the flexibility to analyze key order management information, including turnaround time and time spent on orders on-hold. The information can be viewed in several ways to understand trends and make targeted process improvements such as addressing staffing requirements on various shifts. The reports can be generated on demand or scheduled according to your needs.

Success stories

Pyxis Connect has improved order turnaround time between Nursing and Pharmacy at Avera McKennan and Porter Adventist hospitals.

Find out more about their success stories here:

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